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Mission Statement

To provide community leadership in promoting healthy, positive and transformative relationships between the Vancouver Police Department and the Aboriginal community by fostering accessible programming that empowers individuals and communities.


To reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal youth, adults and Elders in or/at risk of criminal circumstances by offering culturally-based crime prevention programs

Assisting with community safety issues and concerns

To support victims of crimes

Relationship-building between the Aboriginal community and the Vancouver Police Department

Fostering a stronger community through volunteering opportunities for Aboriginal youth,adults.

About Our Logo

Our logo was created by Phil Gray. Phil is Tsimshian and Cree, lives in Vancouver. We worked with Phil to make the logo representative of Vancouver's diverse Aboriginal community. In addition to the circular design and sweetgrass, the design includes a killer whale, eagle, wolf, and a hand in the middle to represent change.
Sister looking for long lost sister ROSE DAVISON

Sister Gerry is looking for her sister, who lives on the Downtown East End Call Gerry at 1 604 886 9788  

rose davison


CALL 911

911 is to be used only for emergencies (police, fire or medical) where an immediate response is required – when there is an emergency and lives are in danger, immediate action is required or there is a crime in progress.

Most calls to 911 ARE NOT of an emergency nature and an immediate response IS NOT required.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to get work experience! You learn new skills by trying new jobs.

You might find something you'd like to do for a living, or discover what you would not want to do.

Better yet, you can meet people who can give you guidance and possibly help you to find a paid job later on.

Employers will be impressed that you took the initiative to learn new things.

You can learn how a charitable organization works.

Best of all, you will be taking action to promote what you think is important and probably be helping someone else along the way.

Be the change that you seek!

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