youth programs

The Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre reaches out and provides an opportunity for Aboriginal Youth in Vancouver to access spaces, education, and resources related to safety. The Youth program combines culturally based life skills with activities that promote safety and crime prevention for at-risk youth in Vancouver. We currently support Youth programs with the Broadway Youth Resource Centre and Dirrections Youth Services.

In all program development VACPC seeks to:

  • Offer cultural, educational and recreational activities
  • Connect youth with culture through healthy Elders, role-models and other community resources
  • Strengthen cultural skills and identity; and personal resilience and responsibility
  • Avoid crime through social development by engaging youth in community events and activities
  • Build inter-cultural relationships among the Vancouver Police Department and aboriginal youth



The Youth Programs run on:

  • Wednesdays at the Urban Native Youth Association
  • Thursdays at the Broadway Youth Resource Centre.

Activities include:

  • Cultural healing practices
  • Cultural arts, Silk Screening, digital media
  • Workshops
  • Group outings

other programs

circles of understanding

An initiative to bring awareness to the impacts and social challenges that result from the continued oppression of Aboriginal people.

women's programs

VACPC creates and delivers programs focusing on safety, security and crime prevention for Aboriginal women.

family programs

Creating programs and services for Aboriginal families in Vancouver is a cornerstone of our work.

community programs

Together with partners, we bring you a small grant for Indigenous individuals living in Metro Vancouver Communities.