about us

The Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre Society (VACPC) was incorporated in 2006 as a non-profit society by the Vancouver Aboriginal community. It was created to address social justice issues, improve safety for Aboriginal people and build the relationship between the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and the Aboriginal community through education, awareness and open dialogue.

The positive link between the Vancouver Aboriginal Community and the VPD provides an avenue to engage and support Aboriginal people to better understand and utilize the services of the VPD. This link is supported by the presence of an assigned member of the VPD, a Neighborhood Police Officer at VACPC that participates in activities and is available to support the specific needs of the Aboriginal community in Vancouver.  

VACPC is governed by a Board of Directions elected by and from members of the Vancouver Indigenous community. Working in partnership with Aboriginal community members, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations, and all levels of government, VACPC seeks to provide resources, services and programs that support the safety and security of Vancouver’s Aboriginal community.